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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Parent Teacher Conferences

Benefits the Office, Staff & Parents


Set up conference parameters

  • Set days & times & duration of the conferences.
  • Set meeting locations.
  • Provide parent signup instructions.
  • Group families for staggered signups (optional)


Create your schedule

  • Click to block unavailability.
  • Monitor hovering the blocks to see
  • Print each day's schedule


Sign up!

  • Click your preferred slot
  • Print
  • 48 hour reminder email

Not another tool for your parents & staff to use to set up conferences, PTC is an app in the tool they're already using - Schoology.

Making your staff more efficient means you can deploy them to other projects.


  • All setup parameters (dates, times, duration) need be defined once, alter next year if needed.
  • Set each teacher's location.  If no location defined, that means the teacher is excluded from conferences.
  • Because Schoology already knows who each student's teachers are, no additional staff setup required.
  • Schoology already knows who each student's parents are, and what their email address is.
  • Can optionally create Schoology subgroups to support a staggered signup (e.g. parents with 3+ children sign up Monday & Tuesday, parents

       with 2+ children sign up Wednesday & Thursday, all parents sign up Friday). 

  • Create additional SIS courses (e.g. Speech, Learning Resource teacher, etc.) and enroll students, so parents can also meet with that staff member. S


  • Teachers click to block their time, and can continue blocking once signup starts.
  • 24 hours before tomorrow’s conference day, PTC locks signups so the teacher can confidently print their schedule.


  • PTC knows who their student’s teachers are from their Schoology enrollments so only those teachers’ sign up blocks are displayed.
  • Click times that work with their schedule with error-checking if same time slot selected for another teacher. 
  • Each parent can build their own schedule independently of each other, if preferred. 

If your preschool holds conferences at a different time than the rest of the school, the Preschool-PTC app is available.

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