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Online delivery of school documents

Benefits the Office, Staff & Parents

Office & Staff

No paper to distribute!

  • 100% compliance, quickly


No paper to lose!

  • Don't wait on your student to turn the paper in

Not another tool for your parents & staff to deliver & review documents, AnswerMe is an app in the tool they're already using - Schoology.

This online form and questionnaire app replaces sending home forms and wasting time trying to collect them. 100% parental compliance in a matter of days.  This app makes your office more efficient so you can deploy them to other projects.

  • Staff or office can build surveys targeted to courses, groups, genders; reminders are sent until full compliance.
  • Tag to user-defined categories for grouping (e.g. Grade 3, Field Trips, Sports)
  • Document surveys can include custom Powerschool fields.
  • Billing files can be created for surveys that involve fees (field trips, sports signup, etc.)
  • Easy calendar clicking for each reminder. Especially helpful if the office annotates "CLOSED" on the main Schoology calendar;

       that day will be blacked out on the calendar, cluing the document's owner they may not want to send a reminder that day.

  • History is maintained for all users' launched survey.

All SchoolOfficeApps productivity tools provides admins an audit trail and user impersonation.

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